Mobile Apps

4Sector’s mobile app development service is one of the many highly professional services the company provides to its clients.

We help you expand and develop mobile applications, no matter the complexity or size. We help you meet the dynamic challenges in a constantly evolving market, and we are with you to make your applications keep pace with your requirements in order to achieve your business goals.

Android application development

4Sector is one of the leading companies in Egypt and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and it provides open-source Android application development service, which is characterized by its ability to adjust and expand and has a lot of flexibility in performance in addition to the ability to develop and expand.

OS App Development

4Sector includes the elite of the most skilled programmers and developers who specialize in creating iOS compatible applications, where the outputs are high-quality applications, outstanding performance, and very attractive design.

Cross-Platform Application Development

4Sector provides its services in developing mobile applications using the most widespread and reliable frameworks such as Xamarine, React Native, and Flutter, and this is done by deploying one application with one code on all devices, which saves a lot of working time.

Augmented reality

4Sector helps you to add augmented reality features to your applications, this feature takes your old applications to a new dimension and attracts a lot of customers in order for your business to succeed and improve your investment returns.