Smart City Solutions

Apid urbanization has mandated the necessity for smart city solutions. Experts worldwide mean that smart cities are going to be the longer-term enablers in accelerating the economic process and improving the standard of citizens’ lifestyles.

4sector Smart City Solutions are designed keeping in mind the growing importance of data and communication technologies (ICTs). Our smart city solutions include controlling traffic using automated traffic signs, etc., energy efficiency by managing it electronically, as well as smart lighting systems, and raising the technological efficiency of buildings and facilities.

Our strong specialization in IoT/M2M and deep understanding of wireless design and connectivity solutions has led to our nomination Standards –a panel to assist design the standards on Smart Infrastructure for Indian Smart Cities. We even have several global collaborations with recognized and trusted technology ecosystems, including the Intel IOT Solution Alliance, Thread Group, IoT Global Network.

4SECTORS Smart City Solutions have existed across multiple domains.

Smart Parking

4SECTORS provides three different types of smart parking solutions:

  • ZigBee Sensor-based
  • Ultrasonic sensor-based
  • Wi-Fi camera-based 
  • Dealing with different types of car parks, most notably side parking lots, multi-level car parks, and internal parking lots.

Smart Utilities

4Sector features a suite of solutions within the areas of smart energy & utilities.

Smart Metering

Our meter data acquisition system is compatible with various sorts of meters and is feature-rich.

Smart Governance

4Sector has worked on providing the urban development department with powerful data analytical capabilities for organized information management and enhanced citizen participation.

Smart Lighting

Want to feature some extra spark to your indoor lighting solution? There’s nothing better than going for a few smart home lighting gadgets with 4SECTORS.