Enabling Digital Transformation in the Utilities Industry

Utility software has expanded from more traditional utility management systems into full ERP software solutions designed for the utility industry. A standard utility management system has a feature-integrated line and meter information as well as an associated billing record and payment history. More robust ERP software solutions will offer additional enterprise-level functionality such as service management, customer relationship management, warranty and repair, and complete business intelligence and reporting.

The utilities segments we serve


4SECTORS electric utilities services leverage digital to improve efficiency, reduce costs, and increase customer satisfaction.


We help gas companies find new growth by enhancing the customer experience, improving reliability, and optimizing assets.


Our utilities practice has the industry and digital experience that water utilities need to create new business value.

4 sectors can help you overcome your digital transformation challenges.

We allow you to:

Implement digital transformation comes confidently from plant applications to business applications as well as (IoT) integration and public/private/hybrid cloud initiatives

Maintain high-availability and best performance of mission-critical services, like higher-up management and information Acquisition, massive information analysis applications, and body systems

Be proactive, initiating fast sorting of service performance issues before they impact utilities delivery to customers